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workers' comp insurance. 

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Cake. Is there any better word in the English language?

We are a mobile-centric platform for business owners who need a straightforward solution for workers’ compensation. Cake fits your busy lifestyle (not to mention the palm of your hand) and is powered by more than 100 years of underwriting expertise. Sure, we use algorithms. But our true secret sauce is listening to and understanding clients. Tell us who you are and what you do – in your own words – and we’ll tell you the best product to meet your unique insurance needs. Because none of us are numbers. We are all just people. People who like cake.


This is next level insurance. Meet the team.

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Pinnacol Assurance

Cake works directly with Pinnacol Assurance, the leading provider of workers’ compensation insurance in Colorado. And no, that’s not a typo: they purposely spell the name with “col” instead of “cle” to demonstrate their commitment to Colorado. Now that’s branding!