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What you need to know about Colorado workers' comp insurance:

What is workers' compensation insurance? 

Put simply, workers' compensation insurance (sometimes called workmans' comp) compensates employees when they're hurt on the job and can't perform their job for a period of time. Colorado workers’ compensation insurance protects employees and employers in the event of an accident. It covers employee medical care and certain lost wages—and safeguards employers from being sued in the event of a job-related accident.

What does Colorado law require for workers' comp?

Colorado requires that all businesses carry workers’ compensation coverage as soon as they have an employee working in the state. Every employee in your company should be protected by your workers' comp policy. However, there are a few exceptions in Colorado, such as independent contractors, sole proprietors and working partners.

Failing to obtain and keep active workers' comp policy in Colorado can cost your business up to $500 a day in fines imposed by the Colorado Division of Workers' Compensation (DOWC). More details about Colorado state workers' compensation laws are available on the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment website.

Why is it important to have Colorado workers' comp coverage?

It ensures employees receive the care and treatment they need to get healthy. A business owner can't protect against everything that could happen, so workers' comp is there in the event of a workplace injury. And in the event of an unfortunate work-related death, workers’ compensation pays benefits to the eligible dependents.

How do I buy workers' comp in Colorado?

Cake's mission is to make getting Colorado workers' comp coverage easy. You can get a Colorado workers' comp quote in minutes with Cake through our fast online application. You can also get your questions answered easily be contacting Cake Client Care through email or chat right on the website.

What you need to get a workers' comp quote online:

Business name, address and type of work performed
Number of employees
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FEIN (federal employer identification number)
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