In 2021, it should come as no shock that modern consumers expect to buy what they want when they want.

In an instant, we can purchase anything at the touch of a finger, ranging from clothes and movies to groceries and furniture. 

And now, thanks to Cake Insure, it’s just as easy to purchase Colorado workers’ compensation insurance online to protect your small business. 

Getting a free workers’ comp quote & coverage online just became ridiculously easy.

Forget everything you know about the traditionally long and painful workers’ comp purchasing process. 

Cake was created because we believe workers’ comp should result in more business and less work for entrepreneurs. Using advanced AI and mobile-centric UX design, Cake offers customers a quick and painless workers’ comp solution.

The best part? Cake’s application is completely online. 

Cover your small business and employees with workers’ comp insurance in less time than it takes to listen to “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Our user-friendly app allows you to receive a free online quote in as little as 90 seconds and next-day coverage in five minutes. 

But enough humble bragging, let’s dive into the important stuff so you can complete your Cake application with ease.

How do you get Colorado workers’ comp online?

Before you start, you’ll need a few pieces of information on hand:

1. Your Business’s Name, Address and the Type of Work Performed

To state the obvious, it’s crucial to know the name of your business and your business’s address when applying for workers’ comp with any insurance carrier. 

You’ll also be asked to provide a very brief description of the type of service your business provides. 

2. Number of Employees & Business Owners

3. Your Payroll Estimate

4. FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number)

A FEIN is a Federal Employer Identification Number. The IRS commonly refers to an employer’s FEIN as an EIN (Employee Identification Number). 

Don’t have a FEIN? Learn everything you need to know about applying for a FEIN.

5. Five Free Minutes to Finalize Your Policy & Get Covered Online

Somethings are too good to be true. Cake is not one of those things.

If you have the above information on hand for your application and five minutes to spare, you can finalize your policy for active, next-day workers’ comp coverage.

It's truly as easy as that.

No need to worry about having your workers’ compensation class code memorized when applying for a Cake quote.

Cake’s advanced AI will generate your company’s class code based on the service your business provides. 

Need proof of workers’ comp insurance after you purchasing your policy?

Cake’s Client Portal makes it easy to email and download your proof of insurance, file a claim, manage your policy and much more with just a few clicks. Our Client Portal is mobile-friendly so you can manage your policy on the go.

Ready to Get Your Cake Quote?

Cake is the fastest and easiest way to cover your Colorado business with workers’ comp insurance.  

Don’t believe us? Find out for yourself. Take 90 seconds to apply for a free, non-committal online quote from Cake.