Ask most small business owners the one thing that overwhelms them the most, and the answer is probably related to keeping track of and managing the money.

Let's face it, running a business gets complicated. And that's especially true when it comes to finances. There's paying bills on time, budgeting, payroll and expense tracking, just to name a few. If any of these gets lost in the shuffle, it means trouble for your business.

So let's avoid that, ok?

Here, you're going to find the best finance apps for keeping track of everything from receipts to HR. These can help you get your finances under control and leave you to focus on managing all of those other tasks on your to-do list.

For General Accounting

Ever try to manage your accounting with a spreadsheet? Doesn't work so well, does it? As your business grows and gets more complicated, you need an accounting tool that is easy to use but still gets the job done. Enter Quickbooks. Connect it to your business bank account and credit cards, and you can easily track income and expenses.

For Tracking Receipts

If you or anyone in your business travels for work and submits expenses, you know trying to keep track of all those slips of paper can get overwhelming. Shoeboxed lets you use your phone to take photos of your receipts, organize them and even convert them into expense reports for accounting and tax purposes.

For Managing Payroll

You've finally hired an awesome team. Now, it's up to you to keep track of payroll. While this is a necessary aspect of running a business, it's not always fun. Gusto helps you file and pay for payroll taxes, track time off, create W2s and 1099s and run it all right from your phone.

And while we're on the topic of payroll, here's something to keep in mind, adjustments to your payroll can have an impact on your Colorado workers' comp insurance. That includes changes like staff hires or reductions and hiring contract workers. So be sure to make updates to comply with Colorado workers' comp regulations.

For Getting Paid

Just as you need to track the money you have going out of your business you need to have an easy way to collect the money coming in. With both Square and PayPal Here you can collect payments as a point of sale, without having to worry about the expenses associated with large enterprise systems.

For Managing Taxes

If the thought of navigating the IRS website makes you cringe, check out their app IRS2Go. It's easy to use all in one place way to make and track your payments and check your refund status. It also provides tips and guidance plus where you can get local help for your tax preparation questions.

For Bill Reminders

Few things stress out a small business owner more than keeping track of bills. With so many things to manage it's very easy for one to slip under the radar until you're hit with a late payment fee. Reduce that stress with Prism. It automatically tracks your bills in one place and sends you a reminder before your due date so you always pay on time.

For Budget Tracking

Staying on budget is always a concern, but even more so for many small business owners. The first step to getting on top of your business budget is to track it. That's where Mint comes in. This free app lets you set up a budget and has easy to read reports and alerts that make sure your financial goals get hit for both the long and short term.

While we're on the topic of keeping track of your finances, don't forget one of your most important bills; your workers' comp insurance. If you're running a business here in Colorado workers' comp is a key requirement for most organizations.

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