When starting a new business money is always top of mind. Today, many people work remotely or from a home office.

But, many small businesses are investing in securing spots in local coworking spaces.

If you need an office space with zero to a very small commitment—but still makes you look legit to future customers and investors—you might want to consider joining a coworking space.

Coworking spaces in Colorado are increasingly offering unique features that appeal to both solo entrepreneurs and small teams.

Getting the Most Out of Your Coworking Space

If you're looking for that perfect coworking space for your team in Colorado, start with some of these tips in mind.

Keep an Eye Out for New Spaces

Being one of the first people in a new coworking space can mean more than prime seating, you can usually get long-term discounts as a new or founding member.

Get on Email Lists

In a similar vein, it's also common for coworking spaces to offer deals during the holidays or slower times of the year. Sign up for the newsletters of spaces in your area so you'll be among the first people notified on special pricing.

Location, Location, Location

In a city like Denver, access to transportation is crucial. If you rely on public transport, make sure the space is near a light rail or bus stop. And if you (or your team) will be using your bicycles or cars to get there, pay attention to the parking situation. You don't want to spend an hour of valuable revenue looking for parking.

Embrace Networking

Coworking spaces virtually always have a calendar chock full of events. These are going to give you a lot more than free snacks or coffee (though those are nice too). Use them to meet with potential new clients or partners who can help promote your business.

Spread the Word

Host meetings or even coffee dates at your new space. You will save on the cup o' joe and if your guest likes the space, most coworking facilities offer a referral bonus that you can use to discount your membership cost.

Colorado Coworking Spaces for Teams

There are hundreds of coworking spaces in Colorado, so it's hard to choose the best one for your needs.

Here are some good options from around the state:

Thrive Workplace

Working on your own, or need to find a space for your team during a retreat? Thrive Workplace has three locations, two in Denver and one in Arvada. Each spot has conference rooms, training rooms and complementary coffee and tea. Depending on the location, there's also free parking, bike storage and easy access to local breweries.

Impact Hub

Impact Hub likes to call itself more than a coworking space. Its community feel is all about empowering small business owners and setting them up for success. Beyond a number of office and desk options, members will also find discounts on perks such as Chamber of Commerce, gym and yoga memberships.

Epicentral Coworking

In Colorado Springs, you'll find Epicentral Coworking. If you want perks, then you'll love all the options available here. Members will get everything from 24/7 access and free printing and copying to bike tools and even dry cleaning pickup on site. There are also multiple events each week including meetups, workshops and classes.

Elevate Cospace

Breckenridge's Elevate Cospace wants to unite mountain loving small business owners. There are a number of desk options, with special perks including free coffee and tea and access (with discounts) to events. Some of the plans include membership in the Mountain Coworking Alliance, including access to coworking spaces around the world.

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